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e-CSTI personal information privacy policy

  • Enacted January 2020

1. Basic concept

The e-CSTI Secretariat collects information from everyone who uses the homepage to the extent necessary for the smooth operation of services (e.g., providing information, receiving opinions) provided on this website (*domain below). Collected information is properly handled within the scope of the purpose of use.


2.Scope and purpose of use of collected information

  •  (1) On this website, the following information is automatically collected: Internet domain names, IP addresses, and browsed pages. Cookies (information sent from the server to a user’s browser and then accumulated on the user’s computer to identify the user on the server side) are not used. Collected information is used as a reference for safely and smoothly conducting the services provided by the website.
  •  (2) The information’s scope and purpose of use is collected on each page of the website, which is clearly indicated on each page.

3.Limits on use and service provision

  •  (1) When there are requests for disclosures pursuant to laws and regulations, excluding cases of illegal actions such as improper access or threats or other special reasons, the e-CSTI Secretariat shall not use collected information on its own for purposes other than those set forth in 2, (2), nor provide it to a third party.
  •  (2) Personal information is used with a strong acknowledgment of the importance of protecting personal information, and only within the scope of the purpose of use.
    In addition, when all or part of the personal information held by the e-CSTI Secretariat is entrusted to a third party for processing, consideration is given to the selection of that party, and an effort is made to supervise them properly, so that information is properly managed as though by the e-CSTI Secretariat.

4.Steps to ensure safety

When gathering information, the e-CSTI Secretariat shall properly manage the collected information and take the necessary steps to prevent any leaks, loss, or damage.

5.Disclosure of personal information

This website does not collect names, dates of birth, or other information that can generally identify an individual, except for information provided in opinion forms.

6.Scope of application

This privacy policy applies only to this website. Each relevant ministry is responsible for its handling of information.

7.Additional Notices

On some social media sites, when “buttons” are installed, user IDs and information on websites accessed are automatically sent to the social media platforms from the website even if the “button” is not pressed. For details, see “Key points for all social media users” (Personal Information Protection Commission HP), which opens in a separate window.
For the privacy policy of other services, such as the social media service used on this website, please check the website of each respective business operator.

8. Other

This privacy policy has been revised by the e-CSTI Secretariat. Revisions are published on this website.

9. Contact

e-CSTI Office, telephone no. +81-3-6439-6247

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